50 Episodes Later


As mentioned here: I’ve been podcasting.


Let me just start by saying this, if you’ve been pondering with the idea of doing this yourself, just do it.

It’s honestly one of the best things I’ve done lately. The format I chose is short (1-2 min), and on a daily basis.

You could do differently, maybe a longer show once a week.

It doesn’t matter. But do it in a way that you will be able to deliver, constantly.

Here I am going off track with this post.

I wanted to write this post to basically say that I was blown away when I’ve decided to check my server logs for stats on the podcast.

I did this right after the project got started (back in July), and of course, there was nothing there to be seen.

Then I decided to let go of numbers and statistics and focus solely on the content creation, every single day.

I’ve been doing this for almost 2 months now (50 episodes out).

I can honestly say that I thought I was talking to myself the whole time, and I don’t mean this on a sad and lonely note.

I just wanted to keep going. I didn’t do anything at all to market or promote, other than listing the show on iTunes, Soundcloud and Stitcher, and share the episodes on Twitter and Facebook.

To my surprise, a couple of days ago I’ve decided to take a look at the logs again.

Here’s what I’ve found out:

  • People from over 90 countries have listened to the podcast.
  • The episodes have been downloaded over 20.000 times.
  • Episode 29 (Consume the good stuff) is the most popular, with over 1.300 downloads.
  • Episode 39 (Don’t worry) is a close second.
  • Episode 01 (Welcome) was downloaded 35 times, poor thing.

Crazy isn’t it?

The only reason I’m sharing is that this was a huge surprise to me. And I’m genuinely excited about it!

It feels great to see others finding value on what you share with the world. It definitely fuels me to keep moving forward, to keep exploring. To keep learning and sharing my discoveries.

I’m just a Brazilian guy with a broken English, imagine what you could do?


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Rod Gomes

I'm sharing my passion for personal growth, self-awareness, and development of the human potential. I have devoted the last 6 years of my life to studying this potential and applying what I have learned as often and as well as possible.

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By Rod Gomes

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