7 Days of Gratitude


My friend Sergio Felix has nominated me for the 7 Days of Gratitude challenge.   I’ll definitely complete the challenge. But I won’t name new people each day. And no, it’s not because I’m a party pooper! 🙂 Day 1 So here are the 3 things that I’m grateful for today: The Internet For it has enabled me to do so many things. Including visiting and living in different countries, meeting wonderful...



Blaming others is something we all do. And some of us get really good at it. Even when there’s no apparent reason to blame someone, we’ll quickly find one. As long as we pass the responsibility of our failures to someone else, we’re gold. If you can identify yourself with the above, there’s no need to feel ashamed. I’ve been doing this for the bigger part of my life...

Knowing what you don’t want


This has been floating on my mind a lot in the past couple of years.   I never took the regular route in life. I was terrible at school, I never wished to be a lawyer, a doctor, or even an astronaut or race car pilot. I felt really uncomfortable when people would start comparing me to others, stating how well some other kid was doing with his studies, while I was failing terribly. Or later...

Back with a bang!


After a long time of self-sabotage, I’ve finally decided to bring my site back.   Self-sabotage? You ask. Yes! I fell for a dirty little trick our brains like to play whenever we step out of our purpose. It starts to whisper that you’re not good enough, that you really don’t have anything of value to offer others. That’s a dangerous place to find yourself at. Only I...

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