7 Days of Gratitude


My friend Sergio Felix has nominated me for the 7 Days of Gratitude challenge.


Day 3

The 3 things that I’m grateful for today:

Thinking outside the box

I can’t really tell when I started to see things differently. Probably since I was a kid. This is extremely important to me, being able to see beyond what’s in front of me. Knowing that there’s always more out there. Knowing that I don’t need to, and really shouldn’t, try to fit in just because it’s the norm.


I am grateful for money, yes! This doesn’t mean that I’m greedy, or ruled by it. No one cares to teach us how to relate with money while growing up. This leads to a lot of mixed feelings about it later in life. But the reality is that money is just a tool. It’s how you earn it, and how you use it, that makes all the difference.


Just like books, YouTube (if used right) is a pretty nifty source of knowledge. All the information you need, free.

That’s it for Day 3. Thanks for reading! 🙂

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I'm sharing my passion for personal growth, self-awareness, and development of the human potential. I have devoted the last 6 years of my life to studying this potential and applying what I have learned as often and as well as possible.

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By Rod Gomes

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