7 Days of Gratitude


My friend Sergio Felix has nominated me for the 7 Days of Gratitude challenge.


Day 5

The 3 things that I’m grateful for today:


Being a computer geek, I spend most of my time indoors. This past month I started enjoying more and more outdoor time. It definitely makes me feel better, more energized.


I already said that I enjoy alone time, this goes hand in hand with the night-time. There’s something special about working, reading, writing or just contemplating life late at night.


I’m a “professional” water drinker. I always have a big cup or bottle of water with me. Drink up!

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I'm sharing my passion for personal growth, self-awareness, and development of the human potential. I have devoted the last 6 years of my life to studying this potential and applying what I have learned as often and as well as possible.

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By Rod Gomes

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