[stag_intro]I’m an entrepreneur from Brazil, and even though I have a deep love for life I realized that I was spending my days behind the scenes, working, and missing out on the fresh new opportunities for global communication that had developed while I was busy.[/stag_intro]

I also realized how much I had learned about life while travelling extensively and living in other countries, and that I wanted to share my experiences and have others share their experiences with me as well! I fell in love with the idea of finally creating my own site so I can share some of my experiences and get to make new friends and learn about your own life stories as well.


My latest adventure was attending Anthony Robbins “Unleash the Power Within” event in NY (Nov.2013). Such an unforgettable and life changing experience! I’ll talk about this later.

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The Motto for this site is:

Be, Do, Share.

And I plan to keep as simple as it sounds. I’ll go a bit into each item below:


Be myself at all times, no matter what.
Become a better person everyday, even if it’s just a bit better.
Be truly present, focus on what is going on NOW.
Be aware that I control my own circumstances, I am in charge.
Be the change I want, Be the change I need.
Be a force for good.


Do good to others, always.
Take action.
Keep moving forward. Each step counts.
Non stop learning and growing.
Write more, write often.
Inspire and be inspired.
Create value.


Write more about my experiences.
Annihilate fear of not being good enough.
Spread “the good” in every possible way.
Share and appreciate the stories of others.

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These are NOT absolute rules, just some principles I like and try to live by.

Let me just warn you that English is not my first language and I’m not here to try to impress you. Do not expect to find beautifully written articles.

I do my best to lay down words in a meaningful way, as direct as possible.

I’m not a guru or expert, far from it. I’m a student, always learning. So all I can promise you here is that I’ll do my best and be brutally honest while at it.

I really appreciate your time and hope you can find some value on what I share here.

Thank you!

Rod Gomes

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